Friday, April 17, 2009

From the Brainpan

On Enjoyment

Talked to my Mom & Dad and they tipped me off to what the rest of the world is enjoying today. The performance by Susan Boyle on Britan's Got Talent. Wow! Absolutely stunning and beautiful. What a treat. How inspiring. I enjoyed feeling the goosebumps that covered my arms, the tears that welled in my eyes and the smile on my face at seeing the triumph of this lady. Good thoughts, good feelings. Great thoughts, great feelings.

A hero's tale; many opposed to one's successful journey. Scorners, scoffers, disbelievers, cynics. The ordinary mortal becomes extraordinary in one defining moment. Who was more liberated by this tale, the audience or the hero?

Susan is on my favorites list now. When I need a hit of pure happiness I can just click.

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